Fall and Winter Pest Control Tips

Fall LeavesDuring the fall and winter months, you won’t be paying as much attention to the outside of your home as you do during the spring and summer.


The weather is cooling down, leaves have fallen off the trees, and plants and other landscaping needs are not as critical.


However, failing to properly maintain the outside of your home this time of year can create an open invitation for many different types of pests, especially as they seek to stay warm inside your home during the cold winter months.


Fall Bugs & Pests

Fall bugs are abundant – as the seasons change, you’ll see pests coming and going.


Overwintering pests start making their way inside for shelter, while “summer” bugs, like flies and stinging insects, linger.


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Yellow Garden Spider

Watch as Jeremy from Homestead Pest Management explains a little about the VERY LARGE Yellow Garden Spider!


Fall infiltration is coming

Crisp mornings and cozy evenings by the fire are welcome signs of the autumn season. But fall also signals the start of home insect invasions – not so welcome.

In temperate regions of the country, as days shorten and temperatures tumble, insects begin to seek out winter quarters. In warmer regions, as dry seasons fade to wet, insects shift into gear to search for dry quarters. While you anticipate spending the coming season snug, warm and dry indoors, insects are also eyeing your home as a potential winter haven

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