When you call Homestead Pest Management we listen to your problem and prescribe a treatment that will fit your individual needs after a thorough property inspection.

We suggest the most beneficial service for your needs without overcharging for additional services you don’t need, because we feel that you should only pay for what is necessary to properly protect your property and not what makes us the most money.

With Homestead Pest Control you have multiple options for Pest Control including:

  • One-Time Service Visits
  • Monthly Service Visits
  • Bi-Monthly Service Visits
  • Quarterly Service Visits
  • Inside Only Treatments
  • Outside Only Treatments
    And MORE!


At Homestead Pest Management we live with our families in West Tennessee and understand that times are hard for everyone. For that reason we do not hold our fellow residents to a binding contract. If you need to cancel at anytime you can and we will still be here for you when conditions improve.

Homestead Pest Management can take care of all your pest control needs whether it be roaches, ants, termites, mosquitoes, spiders or anything else that’s bugging you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Perimeter Pest Control is just that, we come out quarterly and spray around your home for pests. This service is great if you have spiders or crickets coming in, because it stops them before they can get in. But don’t worry if they do manage to get in, we will come back and spray inside at no cost to you.

Roaches are a little harder to get if you have a lot. It could take up to 2 or 3 services to get them all baited out. Then you can go to a bi-monthly or quarterly service, whichever works best for you.

No, our baits do make them thirsty but if they die in your house or wall they will smell for about a week but you can cover the smell with Oil of Wintergreen. It is found in most drugstores.