Springtime is for Spiders!

Spring time is when all creepy crawlies start getting out and about again, and especially spiders. Most of us have a healthy fear and dislike of the eight-legged freaky little pests. While, admittedly, many species of spiders are helpful in that they help control insect populations, there are also those that are harmful to people and pets. Take the brown recluse spider, for example: this spider lives in dark corners and places inside houses, between books on bookshelves, under furniture, and in boxes or bags that are in dark, dry places. Though not usually overly aggressive, humans do get bit fairly frequently by brown recluses because they share the same habitat, and the arachnid is often not easily seen.

In the spring, there is also an increase in the number of garden spiders out and about, and as you go about planning and planting your garden, you are likely to run into a few of the little beasties.  

If you have seen spiders in your home or on you property, and you'd like to not just get rid of those that are there, but to also take preventative action, let our Homestead Pest Management team come to your West TN home or property, assess the level of the problem you have, and prescribe a course of action that best meets your needs. No contract required! Contact us today!



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