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  • Homestead fixed my mosquito problem just in time for our wedding

    Jason D.

  • My bug problem was just gone after homestead came!

    Patricia M.

  • Never liked the basement, too wet, until Homestead fixed it for good!

    Ally J.

Other Services


Have you seen this sign around? Homestead Pest Management offers the latest in Mosquito Control! We have several services and packages to accommodate everyoneвs budget. We can also install the MistAway System and service your system all summer long. Donвt let mosquitoes ruin your summer cookout or wedding, Contact Homestead Pest Management today for your peace of mind.

Termite Control

Homestead Pest Management was the first company in Jackson, Tennessee to offer a termite baiting system. We still believe that it is the best and Green Way to treat your home for termites, but if you feel that a liquid barrier is what you really need, we also offer liquid treatments.

Pest Control

When you call Homestead Pest Management we listen to your problem and prescribe a treatment that will fit your individual needs after a thorough property inspection. We suggest the most beneficial service for your needs without overcharging for additional services you donвt need, because we feel that you should only pay for what is necessary to properly protect your property and not what makes us the most money.